Bike to Work Day at Google!

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Today is Bike to Work Day! Google has a self-powered commuting program that allows employees to collect stamps for each day we bike to work. The stamps are worth some $ amount which we can donate to charity later. I’ve earned 32 stamps this year so far, worth $196.90! I could have earned more because [...]

Dynamic Help Center and Documentation

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I’ve been quite busy over the past few weeks getting ready for the launch of a new product and help center. This is the first time I get to build a brand new help center from scratch, so it’s been quite a learning process figuring out how to design/configure a help center. So while I’m [...]

Learn Programming from

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I just found out that Google has a site license with, which is an online training library of software and programming skills videos. The site contains hundreds of online courses, including Adobe Software, JavaScript, WordPress, HTML, and other web development tools. I’ve been wanting to learn some programming but don’t have the bandwidth to [...]

Technical Writing: An Ongoing Collaboration

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As a technical writer, I work with various teams before, during, and after product development. Even though my job title is Technical Writer, I actually don’t spend too much time writing! Most of my day is spent doing everything else. To give you an idea of what I do, below is a list of different [...]

Job Opportunity: Documentation Writer at Google

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There’s an opening for a Documentation Writer in Google Mountain View. Message me if you are interested. The Documentation Writer is a flexible, creative, ambitious writer who fully understands and articulates the values of Google and Google products. In this job, you’ll work both independently and as part of writing, product development and support teams, confidently [...]

Sign up for Google Glass!

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Google Glass is now available to the public for testing, so if you would like to apply for one, use Google+ or Twitter to share what you would do if you had Glass, starting with the hashtag #ifihadglass. Click the product page for details. Below is a video of how it feels to be wearing [...]

Huge monitors

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I now have two monitors on my desk — a huge 30-inch and a 24-inch monitor! At Google, engineers can pick between one 30-inch monitor or two 24-inch monitors. I actually chose two 24-inch monitors because I like being able to separate windows on different screens. However, this week, I moved to a different desk [...]

Job Opportunity: Head of SMB Editorial Team at Google

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There’s an opening for a managerial position with the editorial team in Google Mountain View. Working within our Advertising Operations function, you help the wider Global Advertising & Product Operations team better serve Google’s worldwide user base for our AdWords product. This fast-paced sales and support team quickly identifies and resolves customer concerns and contributes [...]

Job Opportunity: Help Center Editorial Specialist at Google

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Looking to hire an Editorial Specialist to join the AdWords Online Help team. The AdWords Editorial team helps millions of advertisers use Google ad products to grow their businesses. We do this by providing clear copy for the AdWords UI and creating informative, engaging articles for the Help Center. As the Help Center editorial specialist, [...]

Job Opportunity: Enterprise Technical Documentation Manager at Google

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Want to work for Google? There’s an opening for an Enterprise Technical Documentation Manager in Mountain View. As an Enterprise Technical Documentation Manager, you’ll be a key contributor to our customers’ success and adoption of fast-growing Google Apps and Chromebooks product lines. You will manage a team of writers who develop engaging guides, articles, user [...]