Q Without U Scrabble Words

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Ever played Scrabble and got stuck with the letter Q but don’t have the letter U? Well, there’s actually quite a list of acceptable Q words that don’t need the letter U!

  • QI: a physical life force in Chinese culture
  • QAT: a kind of Arabian shrub used as a narcotic
  • QAID: a Muslim tribal chief or senior official
  • QAIDS: plural of QAID
  • QADI: an Islamic judge
  • QADIS: plural of QADI
  • QOPH: 19th letter of the Hebrew alphabet
  • QOPHS: plural of QOPH
  • QANAT: gently sloping underground tunnel for irrigation found in North Africa and the Middle East
  • QANATS: plural of QANAT
  • TRANQ: a form of sedative
  • TRANQS: plural of TRANQ
  • FAQIR: a Muslim or Hindu monk
  • FAQIRS: plural of FAQIR
  • SHEQEL: any of several ancient units of weight
  • QABALA: form of Jewish mysticism
  • QINDAR: Albanian currency
  • QINTAR: Albanian currency
  • QINDARKA: plural of QINDAR
  • QINDARS: plural of QINDAR
  • QINTARS: plural of QINTAR
  • QWERTY: the traditional configuration of computer keyboard keys
  • QWERTYS: plural of QWERTY
  • MBAQANGA: a style of South African music

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