Ten Reasons I Love Working at Google

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Google ranked number one again on theĀ Fortune Top 100 Companies to Work For! I’m a happy and proud employee.

(Photo courtesy of Google.com)

Here’s my ten reasons why I love working at Google.

  1. Food – Eating makes (most) people happy and eating free food makes people very very happy. The highlight of my day is visiting the micro kitchens and cafes. Not only is the food delicious, most of the ingredients and products used are healthy, organic, natural, and sustainable.
  2. Cool people – It’s awesome working with cool, smart, and motivated people who are passionate and excited about what they do.
  3. Innovation – Google has so many awesome products and projects (current and future) that are in the forefront of technology. It’s amazing to be a part of that and see how Google technology has, is, and will continue to change the world and the way people use technology. Some of my favorite Google technologies include Chrome, Android, Google Glass, and self-driving car.
  4. Dogfood – That said, I love learning about new products/features and participate in dogfood programs.
  5. Green – This is something I noticed one day as I was looking for a trash bin — that most trash bins at Google (office, cafes, etc) are for recyclable items. That’s because many of the products Google uses are recyclable. Very little goes straight to the landfill.
  6. Maternity leave benefits – I had two kids while working at Google. Getting five months of paid time off plus $500 for ordering take outs makes the life of a working mom just a little easier.
  7. Warm toilet seats – On those cold winter days, sitting on a warm toilet seat while you do your business makes you realize how little things like that do make a difference in an employee’s overall well-being. I can never use a regular (and cold) toilet the same way again.
  8. Freebies – It’s not just free food that makes people happy. Freebies also make people giddy and that’s what we get all the time, everything from free clothing to free gift cards to free tickets to free phones. I’ve received four smartphones (Motorola XT800, iPhone 4, Galaxy Note, and Motorola Razr M) and a growing wardrobe of Google outfits among many other freebies. Anytime an email with the word ‘free’ in the subject line is sent out, you can be sure half the people in the office will jump out of their seats (with glee or to go line up somewhere).
  9. Travel – Because I work with cross-functional team members across multiple location, I’ve had the opportunity to visit many Google offices. Our badge allows us access to all Google offices across the world. I’ve been to NY, SF, Mountain View, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore. I’ve also gone on many office/team trips and outings. My favorite trip was to Phuket, Thailand.
  10. Benefits – Amony many amazing benefits and perks, one of the most notable one is the life insurance policy in the event an employee dies. In addition to the insurance payout of 3x annual salary, the surviving spouse will continue to receive half of the deceased’s salary for ten years and any children will receive $1000/month until they are 19. While I hope to never have to capitalize on this benefit, it’s existence brings peace to the mind should anything ever happen.

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